Lele - Olson 30

Lele is available for day sails for our members. Become an authorized skipper or sign up for a member sail day and we will connect you with an authorized skipper. 

Lele is available for our membership for:

Day Sails (private/skippered)



"Lele" is the ancient name of Lahaina and has a number of meanings. These include to fly or jump as in a point of departure to fly as in mokulele (airplane). Lele, a point throughout Polynesia as a departure point for the spirits of the dead.

Lahaina was an important way-point for Hawaiians traveling between the islands by canoe & later by ship. 

Her name is pronounced with a short “e”. 

Our selection of the name Lele has significance to who we are (LYC), where we are, where we sail and a connection to Lahaina’s past.